Tantric Yoga Exercises

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Get Fit with Tantric Yoga Exercises As any tantrik acharya or tantrika (guru) would say, tantric yoga exercises work best when done early morning or before bedtime. These are performed for various reasons—for general wellbeing, to enhance sexual abilities, for mind relaxation among others.

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Tantric Yoga Benefits

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Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain Tantric yoga as mentioned repeatedly by health and fitness experts offers a total range of benefits to practitioners. Tantric yoga benefits are in fact too many to list down and write about. With its numerous benefits in all aspects of a person’s well-being, it is the secret to long […]

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Tantric Yoga Techniques

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Different Techniques for Different Folks Just as there are numerous postures, exercises, movements, benefits and reasons in tantric yoga, there are just as many techniques as well. As they say, different strokes for different folks. The purpose for the acting tantra is determined first prior to pinpointing the tantric yoga techniques that will be used. […]

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Tantric Yoga

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Yoga by any Other Name is Still Yoga Tantra, tantrism or tantric yoga is one of the eight major forms of yoga. According to traditional yoga practitioners, tantric yoga is comprise of left-hand and aptly-hand. Left-hand tantra is focused on sexual practices, whike Aptly-hand tantra pertains to mental practices.

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