Liver Cleanse Experiment, Cleansing via Multiple Modalities

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Liver cleansing is an vital part of maintaining a healthy body.  The liver is the eliminator of toxins from our body, as such it can get rather taxed after years of cleansing, or in many cases years of abuse.  If I knew then what I know now I would have been nicer to my liver […]

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Japji Sahib, Practical Experience

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Japji Sahib is regularly practiced as the first portion of a Kundalini Yogi’s Aquarian Sadhana. I have a secret to admit. For a while there, say several months, I neglected my Japji Sahib practice. You know how that goes, the regular excuse comes up…well if I skip Japji I can still have lots of time to meditate and I don’t have to get up any earlier.

So I skipped for a while and I came to realize that I missed it.

During Teacher Training we spent a decent amount of time learning about Japji.

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A Quick Guide to Yoga Retreats and Yoga Vacations

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You have attended some yoga classes and possibly also have done some yoga masterclasses, and now you want to get a small bit more serious about your yoga practice. The choice is made, and on your next break from the daily rutine, you are going away on a yoga retreat. Here are answers to some […]

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